VA-AIM 2018


Download .PDF (VA-AIM 2018 Residency and Application Information)

Virginia Artists in the Marketplace (VA-AIM) is the first residency program of its kind in the Shenandoah Valley. Developed as a partnership between Arts Council of the Valley, Larkin Arts, Spitzer Arts Center and studioELL, this first year will bring up to fourteen artists together during the five Saturdays in June 2018 to dive deep into their studio practices and what it means to be a professional artist in today’s contemporary moment.

The residency will include a combination of lectures, workshops and seminars on a variety of professional practice topics such as: artist resumes/CVs, artist statements, branding, websites and web identities, applying to opportunities, exhibitions, and taxes and liability, (among other topics).

Weekly courses will be led by studioELL Founder and Director John Ros. John is also an Assistant Professor of Art at James Madison University and the Director and Chief Curator of Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art within JMU’s School of Art, Design and Art History.

We welcome applications from all types of visual artists living within the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding areas. We are open to including other disciplines such as dancers, writers and musicians on a case-by-case basis, but the material provided has been specifically developed for visual artists by visual artists.

Any artist living in the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding areas, no matter career-level, no matter level of education.

Application Dates
2018 Application Period: April 16, 2018 to May 14, 2018
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, May 14, 2018 by 11.59PM eastern time
All applicants will be informed by May 21, 2018 via email

2018 Residency Dates and Location
All five Saturdays in June 2018
June: 02, 09, 16, 23 and 30, 2018
HOURS: 10a-1p

Arts Council of the Valley
311 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

There is no fee to apply to the program. Accepted artists will pay a registration fee of $95 for the residency.

– Please compile application in one (1) collated .pdf. ONLY one (1) .pdf file will be reviewed.
– Email to:
– Email Subject: 2018 VA-AIM
– Title .pdf file as follows: LASTNAMEfirstname.pdf / eg. SMITHjill.pdf

01. Contact Info:
Full Name
Mailing Address
Primary Phone Number
Website (if applicable)

02. Short Answers:
– How long have you been practicing art?
– What mediums do you primarily work with?
– What is your highest level of education? Where? / When?
– Have you exhibited your work in the past? Where? / When?
– Have you sold your work in the past? Where?
– Do you have a website? Or other web-presence? Include URLs.
– What is the best art exhibit you have ever been to?
– What is your favorite art-viewing venue?

03. OPTIONAL: Please provide the following if you have them
Artist Statement
(no more than 200 words). Provide a narrative paragraph that describes your work and/or working practice in general.
Artist Resume / CV (no more than 2 pages).

04. References:
Please provide information for two professional references that can speak to your practice. (References will be contacted for finalists only).
Reference 1 / Include Name, Title, Email, and Daytime Phone Number

Reference 2 / Include Name, Title, Email, and Daytime Phone Number

05. Portfolio:
Please provide six-eight (6-8) images representative of your work.
– Place high quality images on full letter-sized page with image info under each image. Include: Title, YEAR, medium, dimensions (H x W x L inches).

– Please do not send details of 2D work.
– 3D work MAY include up to three (3) views and will be counted as one (1) image. Submit one (1) large image with two (2) more optional images on a second page.
– You may add a DIRECT LINK on your .pdf for audio, performative and/or video work.
Add one (1) link per page. Each link will be considered as one (1) image.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I have to attend all residency sessions?
A. Yes. Absences are allowed only in case of emergency or with prior notice. The material will be delivered in a cumulative fashion. The artist’s full commitment to the program is essential to get everything out of it.

Q. Can I apply if I am still in school?
A. Yes.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. There is no fee to apply to the program. Accepted artists will pay a registration fee of $95 for the residency.

Q. What materials do I need to bring for the day?
A. Each day will be a unique experience. Sketchbooks/notebooks and/or laptops or other mobile devices will be necessary to take notes and engage in some of the exercises.

Other Questions
If you have any questions please contact studioELL.

Special thanks to the collaboration between Arts Council of the Valley Executive Director, Jenny Burden, Larkin Arts Founder and owner, Valerie Smith, Spitzer Art Center Director, Jennifer Tremblay and studioELL Founder and Director, John Ros.