Past Courses

F305i Critical Theories: Curating the DomesticONLINE

May 1, 2020May 15, 2020

A combination of lectures and projects, this curatorial focused short course will use our immediate surroundings to dive into research and develop exhibitions and projects around ideas of home and domestic space. We will look at previous projects where curators and artists have used the home to put on art exhibitions, while curating our own exhibits in our immediate space. We will also look at specific imagery of familiar domestic spaces through artists eyes and respond to these images through the curators lens. Final projects will be featured in a special digital exhibit.

2 Weeks / 5 Sessions

Professor Charlie Levine

F402i Developing Practice: Independent Study IntensiveONLINE

May 8, 2020June 5, 2020

Develop your practice or a specific project with more focus and rigor. This intensive short course is intended for artists who want to focus studio time on a specific project or body of work with access to a weekly one-on-one crits with the professor and an on-line classroom with peer discussions. This course is appropriate for all visual artists, regardless of level of education or stage in their career. Course meets in an online studio — a digital space that allows enrolled artists to come together and share their experiences. Live sessions and group video meetings will also occur, but the majority of discussion takes place in the online studio, where artists may participate as their schedule allows, providing more scheduling freedom.

4 Weeks / 5 Sessions

Professor Melissa Staiger

F405i Special Projects: Creating Your ArchiveONLINE

April 24, 2020May 8, 2020

Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the elements of archive in your studio. This short course will focus on practice and will promote research around studio habits and organization that can inform an efficient personal collection for your working process. We will look into modes and benefits of physical and digital archiving methods and techniques with an emphasis on organizing materials to better develop ideas. In the end, you will gain a better understanding of the tools of archive and how to better build and utilize your collections.

2 Weeks / 5 Sessions

Professor Jodi Hays

F302i Workshop in CollageONLINE

April 17, 2020May 1, 2020

Working primarily with paper, this short course will play with simple ideas of collage using materials readily available in the home. As we cut, rip, tear, sew, adhere — material experimentation will be focused on the found and unexpected. Simple in nature, complex in thought, each lesson will unravel to look at layering a variety of thoughts onto the page. Developed cumulatively, sessions will build on exploration of possibilities in material as well as composition and subject matter.

2 Weeks / 5 Sessions

Professor John Ros

F301i Workshop in Mixed Media: Found ExplorationsONLINE

May 22, 2020June 5, 2020

Combining two- and three-dimensions, this short course will transform the way we view the things around us. Exploration and experimentation will be a primary goal, with an emphasis in mixed media practices and procedures. Focus will be paid on materiality, comprehension and building a strong practice of discovery and confidence. We will work with a variety of (readily on-hand) mediums and found materials as we discover new possibilities in the visual. Uncover the unseen treasures around you and bring them together to tell a whole new story.

2 Weeks / 5 Sessions

Professor John Ros